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Therapy is about change. Therapy is about solving problems and making your life better, happier and less burdened. More often, unfortunately, it is pain that motivates us to change. We sometimes seek therapy when we are unhappy about something finding ourselves repeating to ourselves, “I know I need to speak with someone.” More specifically, therapy is aimed at helping you as an individual, couple or family, gain insight into both your past and present so that you can be able to make clearer and healthier choices about your present and future. The more you understand how and why you think, feel and act, the easier it becomes to make healthier choices you need to make in life. We offer psychotherapy and other mental health services for children, adults, individuals, and couples.

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Cleansing Conversations is dedicated to assisting people to discover their true potential, decluttering thoughts and pursuing a fulfilled life. We believe in engagement, realism, and compassion, while remaining personable, utilizing various therapeutic approaches, and meeting you, where you are. Here at Cleansing Conversations, we treat people, not disorders. We treat the root causes of symptoms, assisting clients to gain clarity of their thoughts and behaviors. Our services are rooted in the goal of treating the individual as a whole and not merely focusing on their disorders. As providers of behavioral health support, we understand the importance of holistic treatment. Thus, we take an eclectic approach during therapy and other services so their treatments can cover the various facets of their person’s emotions, mentality, relationships, and overall health which all are factors that can affect their behavioral health. With our extensive training in various treatment approaches, we do our best to provide our clients with the support that will not only give them the assistance that they need but will also empower them to exercise their independence.